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Treatment type Price

Classical massage 30 min 33€  

for treating specific body areas, which the client chooses according to his or her needs or problem.

Grand Rose classical massage 60 min 53€  

is a classical massage with aroma oil. This is a whole-body massage developed in 1700 by Dr. Ling of Sweden, which due to its widespread use throughout the world is now called a classical massage. The relaxing care helps to banish fatigue, balance the nervous system, relax painful and tense muscles, and improve metabolism.

Dual massage 60 min 99€  

is the opportunity to enjoy a classical general massage with orange oil side-by-side with a good companion.

Relaxing treatment for mind 60 min 69€  

The treatment start with a relaxing back massage and then consists of facial cleansing and toning, massage for face, neck and décolleté offers real pleasure. A customized face and eye cream completes the treatment.

Grand Rose Ritual 80 min 72€  

is a care with warm lava and precious stones and rose oil. During the procedure, warm lava stones charged with solar energy transmit positive energy, which together with mystical vibrations of precious stones placed on the chakras release harmony and a feeling of well-being into body and soul.

Cellulite massage 45 min 46€  

with very effective slimming and cleansing the body green tea oil. This massage focuses on problem areas such as abdomen, thighs and buttocks. Massage techniques are specifically designed to speed up the lymph and blood circulation, reduce tissue inflammation, improve the metabolism and skin tone.

Anti-stress care 80 min 71€  

starts with a pleasant relaxing sea salt massage bath. This followed by a slow, gentle, rhythmic body massage. At the end of the treatment, the intensive warming achieved with sea mud applied to the back and soles of the feet brings peace of mind and balance.

Indian head massage 40 min 49€  

is an energetic massage. Energy lines and points are massaged with oils, while in the sitting position. The treatment includes the shoulders, arms, neck, and head. The client already experiences great relaxation during the massage. The procedure ends with a tea ritual. The head massage has a energy-stabilizing effect, improves blood and lymph circulation and has an anti-depressant effect.

Relieving tensions back treatment 45 min 48€  

is aimed at providing immediate relaxation and well-being. Perfect relaxation is provided by a self-heating mud mask, which aids muscle stress and stimulates spinal nerve endings to re-energise the whole body. The results of this treatment are better overall tonus and stress-free muscles.

Repechage back treatment with exfoliation and a massage 45 min 48€  

Sea salt-based exfoliation back treatment, which has a relaxing and cleansing effect, followed by a massage.

Thai Foot Massage 60 min 50€  

The aim of Thai Foot Massage is to remove disorders, reconstruct the functions of the organism and balance them. Foot Massage helps to relax and has great effect on nervous system, helps when having sleeping problems. There are many nerve endings on foot. Through affecting different zones and points, can organism improve the immune system, accomplish remarkable positive effects in organism and reduce stress by having callisthenic influence.

Chocolate massage 60 min 56€  

Chocolate massage is a real relaxation that leaves the skin scented with a tempting aroma. This massage is suitable for anyone who wants to escape stress and be pampered. Chocolate contains caffeine and polyphenol from the cocoa beans that improve the skin shape, nourish, moisturizes and gives tone to the skin. Scientific studies prove chocolate’s stimulating effects on endorphins, so called “happiness hormones” formation. Chocolate massage is a pleasure for all the senses.