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Body Treatments

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Beauty Delight 90 min 83€  

is a luxurious treatment for the face and body, which incorporates the best of our treatment techniques and products. We have selected for this treatment the world’s leading skincare brands and combined them with the best techniques of our experienced specialists. The outcome is a comprehensive caressing treatment that will help you relax and escape to the luxurious world of welfare.

Beauty Delight incorporates indulging facial and body treatments and a luxurious massage bath. The treatment begins with a heavenly pleasant full-body exfoliation with a sea salt mixture enriched with grapefruit seed extract and tangerine essential oil. This is followed by a circulation-stimulating bath therapy, where different points on the body from feet to the neck area are stimulated with an underwater massage. The body treatment is crowned with an aromatic moisturizing body wrapping including natural ingredients that make the skin silky-soft and gently scented. This is followed by a facial treatment – a real “source of freshness”.Gently cleansed and exfoliated facial skin is covered with a brightening mask Masque Dynamisant, which refreshes the skin and restores the natural shine of the skin. The essential oils and AHA acids in the formula of this wonderful mask help to make the skin immediately fresh and shining. The facial treatment is finished with facial and eye creams corresponding to the requirements of your skin.

The signature treatment refreshes the whole body and gives the skin a rested and beaming complexion.

Rejuvenating and nourishing body treatment with wonderful Guinot Mirific oils 60 min 63€  

Mirific body treatment is highly relaxing and a real spa-retreat with amasing aromatic and antiaging preciouss massage oils. This Mirific treatment also helps to reduce muscle tension, the sensation of comfort and well-being is restored to your body. After the treatment the skin is silky soft and well nourished!

Body treatment with Bali spa massage 60 min 63€  

The treatment begins with a whole body peeling using natural and tropically aromatic body scrub. Pleasant and fresh aromas pampers your senses, while natural oils leaves your skin silky smooth. The peeling is followed by exclusive Bali Spa massage with a warm aromatherapy oil. The special massage techniques releases muscle tension, relaxes your mind and restores true harmony.

Guinot SLIM LOGIC slimming body treatment  60 min 67€  

Slim Logic is a part of the new slimming treatment concept. Treatment targets on areas of concern and contains activating exfoliation, slimming massage, anti-fluid retention body wrap and application of slimming serum. Massage process combines effective manual techniques known to mobilise fat, break down fat deposits and eliminates excess fluid in the tissues. After the treatment, you will feel yourself invigorated and restored. It is advised to complete the treatment with slimming homecare products, serum and food supplement, for further results.

Slim & Trim luxurious body and face treatment 90 min 94€  

The treatment start with luxurious body scrub combines AHAs from multiple fruit acids to thoroughly exfoliate the skin, while caffeine and cocoa help tone and smooth the skin’s texture. Seaweed extracts and aloe help to restore the skin and deeply moisturize. After scrubing you have a sea mineral slimming body mask which clean deeply the skin. You get face treatment and head massage during the body wrap. At the end you get massage with anti-cellulite triple action firming cream, what fix Your body texture and tone. This treatment is luxuriously slimming to get Your body soft and light.

Chocolate- peppermint slimming treatment 45 min 48€  

Treatment includes body scrubing and moisturizing massage. Aromatic Chocolate-peppermint scrub helps to remove cellulite and triple action firming cream improves Your skin tone and texture. Chocolate-peppermint slimming treatment makes skin shine by stimulate good energy.

Repechage firming seaweed treatment 60 min 71€  

The procedure begins with dry exfoliation of your body. The treatment is warmed and smoothed over the body and you will be wrapped into the gold winding that helps for relaxing sore. After that relaxing massage.

A relaxing hot stone back treatment 30 min 35€  

The goal of this treatment is to reduce tension in the dorsal region, stimulate blood circulation and provide instant relaxation throughout the body. Treatment begins with peeling, during which a refreshing grapefruit scrub is used to massage the back and shoulders. This is followed by a 100% natural orange oil massage, using alternating stone- and hand massage techniques. The heated stones are massaged across the back and shoulder, and kept at certain points in order to restore the balance and eliminate muscle tension. Warm stones and relaxing massage techniques provide deep relaxation. The treatment affects the entire body, offering a relaxing and balancing effect.

"Expecting a baby" 60 min 63€  

is specially adapted to the needs of the mother-to-be. The treatment includes attention to the future mother’s feet, hands, décolletage and back areas. A gentle peel is followed by moisturising mango wax wrap and moisturising Algoane cream.

Luxurious Sea Treatment 75 min 69€  

starts with a body peeling with sea salt crystals, algae, and flower oil. Thereafter a self-warming sea mud mask is applied to the back and soles of the feet, which spreads total relaxation through the body. At the end of the procedure, the body is massaged with a mineral- rich algae cream. The treatment provides a feeling of total well-being, extracts water and toxins, as well as nourishes and trims your skin.

Marine peeling body treatment 45 min 43€  

is a skin-smoothing and moisturising body treatment. This body treatment includes a peel treatment, luxurious bath treatment, and skin moisturising light massage. The treatment begins with peeling the whole body with an aromatic sea salt mixture containing vegetable oils and marigold oil, and continues with a massage bath. As a final step, moisturising body milk is applied to the body in a gently massaging motion.

Body care on a warm stone table 30 min 35€  

Is a luxurious procedure during which the entire body is massaged with natural peeling and cleansing agents, which restore softness and sparkle to the skin. The treatment supplies energy, trims the skin, improves your spirit and adds romance to your life. Possibility to choose from different peelings: Rose Care,  Sea crystal and flower oil care, Exclusive peppermint-salt body peeling, Grapefruit-salt body peeling.

Solarium 1 min 0,60€  

Salt cave 40 min 11€  

the salt reinforces your immune system through the mucous membranes. Salt decreases swelling in the respiratory tract and makes breathing easier if you have a cold. Salt also has a stress-relieving effect. In addition, the salt cave treatment can alleviate skin problems.