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Spa etiquette

Welcome to our exotic spa and sauna centre. Our general rooms are conveniently connected to personal treatment rooms. We do our utmost to make you feel comfortable so that you can leave completely relaxed. Our spa has a gorgeous interior design and we offer various ways to spend your time.

Forget your daily troubles! Enjoy the beautiful surroundings and be part of it. You are worth it!
To make your stay smooth and turn your holiday into a memorable experience, we have compiled a small customer memo.


Customer Memo

  • In our unique spa and sauna centre, every customer is welcome and respected. We expect the same kind of consideration from you towards our attendants and other customers who share the spa with you.
  • If you buy a ticket to the sauna centre, you confirm that your knowledge, skills and health enable you to enjoy our pools and saunas to the full.
  • In the sauna centre, it will be comfortable to move around in a sauna coat, swimwear and light beach shoes. Sauna coats can be rented at the hotel reception desk where you can also get a towel. After your sauna session take the key and towel back to the receptionist.
  • There are many pointers and explanatory signs in the sauna centre. These help you to get around. If you need further assistance, ask our staff.
  • Please leave your cell phone into your locker. A ringing phone will disturb your own peace as well as other vacationers.
  • We have created mixed saunas to value time men and women can s pend together. In such saunas it is mandatory that you have your swimwear on to avoid disturbing experiences.
  • After sweating in the sauna rinse yourself in a shower to feel fresh. Before going to the pool you must definitely wash down!
  • Please keep an eye on your children in our sauna centre. If children are given too much freedom it is unsafe and it disturbs other visitors.
  • Children under the age of 16 are expected to enter our sauna centre only under an adult’s supervision.
  • Our full-sized pool is 140cm and children’s pool only 45 cm deep. Therefore, jumping into our pools is forbidden!
  • You can by drinks and refreshments at our lobby-bar. Our convenient system allows spa visitors to pay later to the hotel receptionist.