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Saunas and pools

Throwing water on heated stones and birch whisks are rooted in our traditions. Birch branches bound into a whisk is the most common, yet the most effective curing herb. The steam coming from the water thrown on the stove comes from an ancient word “leil-lõun-löül”, which means “soul” in ancient Estonian. The steam has the power to clear the person’s soul.

At the end of the 19th century, a Mulk woman has said: “Sauna is a place even more sacred than the church.”

 “A pleasure for body, mind and spirit.”


Out-door sauna

A vapor-bath with high temperature (+90˚C) and medium air humidity.  Our outdoor sauna offers a pleasant experience even for the most demanding sauna friend. In summer you can sunbathe after a sauna session, in winter you may try jumping into the snow.  Accessible conveniently straight from the sauna centre.
Open 16:00 – 22:00 daily.

Juniper sauna

Medium temperature (+60˚C), high air humidity and juniper aroma. The sauna offers a view on the spa and sauna centre and features a stream flowing down the stone wall to calm your senses.

Birch sauna

An aromatic Finnish sauna with medium temperature (+75˚C). The ceiling is made of birch blocks. You can enjoy alternating images of nature on the wall screen.

Hot Finnish sauna

A traditional sauna with high temperature (+95˚C) and dry air, with just 10% of humidity.

Steam sauna

Low temperature (+50˚C) and high humidity (100%). The steam sauna relaxes you and gives you energy.

Rose sauna

The rose sauna combines steam and vapor saunas but it is neither too hot (+40˚C) nor humid (50%). A pleasant rose aroma is emitted from the “rose wheel” which also provides a beautiful sight. Perfect for a relaxing session of a half-hour or so.

Salt sauna

A steam sauna with low temperature where you can rub yourself with salt. It peels the skin and makes it soft and silky and salty air is good for your airways.

Cold water barrel

Coming from a hot sauna you can cool down in a cold water barrel where the water temperature is only  +12˚C.

Japanese bath

The Japanese bath with hot water (+40˚C) is perfect for relaxing and enjoying a cold drink. You will feel cozy and warm for a long time after the bath.

Relaxing pool

A pool with warm water offers several opportunities for a relaxing massage. You can also use it for a quick swim.

Children’s pool

Our turtle pool for  children has warm water (+35˚C). Even the tiniest customers can feel completely safe here.

Bubble bath

A nice hot jacuzzi.

Contrast bath for feet

Walk on sea stones in cold and hot bath alternately. It is good for the circulation of your feet and has a generally energizing effect.