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Sauna yoga means 30 minutes of different yoga styles and poses combined with peace and quiet. Light clothing is expected, the sauna is heated to 50 degrees.
Most of the sauna yoga poses are simple and they are held for a few minutes at most. It is an ideal workout for people of all ages and fitness levels. Wear comfortable shorts and a shirt. Remove jewellery and makeup. After the session you will need a light jacket but you can also borrow a sauna coat from us. Drink 0,5-1 litre of water prior to the session.

Sauna yoga sessions take place three times a week

  • On Mondays t 19:15 in Rose aroma sauna
  • On Wednesdays at 19:15 in Rose aroma sauna
  • On Thursdays at 10:00 in the outer sauna on the terrace
  • Please book by phone +372 666 7001 or e-mail:
  • The price for a yoga session is 12 €, which includes a visit to our spa and sauna centre.
  • Rent of a bathrobe is 3 €.
  • Session is 5 € for hotel visitors.
  • Yoga sessions are administered by Liili Varvas.





    Soovitused treeninguks

    • Enne seanssi soovitame juua 0,5-1 l vett
    • Võta kaasa veepudel
    • Riietuseks mugavad sortsid ja särgik, peale joogat dressipluus
    • Mitte kasutada meiki ja ehteid
    • Ei soovita lastele

    Hind ja registreerimine

    • Hind 12 € / külaline. Sisaldab ka spaa- ja saunakeskuse külastust.
    • Hotellikliendile sessioon 5 €.
    • Võimalik laenutada hommikumantlit 3 €
    • Vajalik eelregistreerimine telefonil +372 666 7001 või
    • Sessioone viib läbi Liili Varvas