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Sauna rituals

Sauna rituals – a treat for body and soul

Have a relaxing sauna trip – spoil yourself with various treatments. You will get a wonderful experience for both your body and soul and receive new energy. We offer you a unique experience in the world of hot air, ice and aromas. Enjoy our special sauna sessions!



Salt and steam sauna rituals with body peel

This session offers new vitality and shine to your skin. Your body is peeled with salt and organic honey or oil mix. Salt removes dead skin cells, honey and oil provide nutrients and soften your skin. Such natural body peel energizes every type of skin.

Vapor bath rituals

For many visitors making steam by pouring water on hot rocks is the highlight of a sauna session. Visit our vapor sessions! Varying temperatures vitalize your cardiovascular system and raises the resistance abilities of your organism. The steam helps you get rid of waste matters and it calms and energizes you.

Sauna rituals timetable

15.30 Salt-Steam bath ( Sat )
16.30 Finnish Sauna (Sat )
17.30 Salt-Steam bath ( Tue; Wed, Fri; Sat; Sun )
18.00 Finnish Sauna (Tue; Wed, Fri; Sat; Sun) NEW! Aromatherapy
19.00 Salt-Steam bath (Tue; Wed, Fri; Sat; Sun)
20.00 Finnish Sauna (Tue; Wed, Fri; Sat; Sun)
21.00 Salt-Steam bath (Tue; Wed, Fri; Sat; Sun)

One session lasts for 10 minutes.

Our sauna masters make the ritual experience special and unforgettable for you.