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Guinot moisturizing facial treatment

A real “moisturizing bath” for your skin! This hydrating facial will replenish lost water in the skin to smooth and plump out the skin reducing fine lines and give a fresh, youthful appearance. Gently cleansed and peeled skin will be filled with moisturizing ingredients during the relaxing massage. Followed by a mask that is a real “moisturizing bath” for the skin. Finally, the cream applied on the face provides comfort for the whole day. Duration 60 min.
Special price 41,65 € (normal price 49 €)

Mango Body Treatment

Moisturising body treatment will smooth and nourishes the skin. As a result, it will achieve well-nourished, gently perfumed and silky skin. The treatment begins with a body scrub, followed by the application of an aromatic beeswax-mango mask with natural ingredients. It will improve the softness and elasticity of the skin. Final step is a light massage with moisturizing cream. Duration 60 min.
Special price 46,75 € (normal price 55 €)

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GUINOT My Moisturisers source -10%
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