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Special Offers in SPA and beauty salong

Guinot Hydradermie facial treatment

perfectly moisturises and cleanses the skin. Gentle electric treatment and the light massaging motion of the roll help natural ingredients penetrate the skin, moisturise deeper skin layers, and ensure deep cleansing. Following this, cells are enriched with oxygen. Your personal mask and soothing massage will provide you with a balanced, healthy, and radiant complexion.
Special price 54 € (normal price 59 €)

Science & Mer Marine peeling body treatment

Body treatment based on marine components smoothes and moisturizes the skin and improves circulation. Combined body treatment includes peeling with aromatic sea salts including herbal oils and calendula petals. Followed by stimulating bath treatment where under-water massage streams allow to stimulate over 120 points all over the body starting from feet and moving up to the neck area. Last step includes light
massage with relaxing aromatic balm and moisturizing body milk. Duration 45 min
Special price 33 € (normal price 37 €)

EmerginC Signature Radiance facial treatment

This intensive treatment may be used for a more uniform complexion. It reduces oily sheen and pores, improves skin tone and texture. It is ideal for combination, pigmented, oily skin. Takes away and prevents development of blackheads. Skin will recover health and radiance. Duration 60 min.
Special price 51 € (normal price 63 €)

Special prices for beauty products

  • GUINOT My moisturisers -20%
    Masque Hydra Beaute; Hydra Beaute; Hydrazone; Hydra Cellulaire
  • Science & Mer lait hydra fermete 200 ml
    Special price 24,20 € ( normal price 29 €)
  • emerginC active hydrating  complex
    Special price 49 € ( normal price 60 €)

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