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Special Offers in SPA and beauty salong

Guinot Moisturizing facial treatment

A real “moisturizing bath” for your skin! This hydrating facial will replenish lost water in the skin to smooth and plump out the skin reducing fine lines and give a fresh, youthful appearance. Gently cleansed and peeled skin will be filled with moisturizing ingredients during the relaxing massage. Followed by a mask that is a real “moisturizing bath” for the skin. Finally, the cream applied on the face provides comfort for the whole day. Duration 60 min.
Special price 41 € (normal price 49 €)

Science & Mer relaxing back treatment

The treatment offers immediate relaxation as it focuses on the back area where the body stress mostly cumulates. Self-warming mud mask offers perfect relaxation, it contains 100% natural actives which stimulate blood- and lymph circulation and provide detoxifying effect. It also decreases muscle tensions and stimulates nerve endings on backbone giving energy to whole body. After the treatment general tonus is better and muscle tensions have disappeared! Duration 45 min
Special price 35 € (normal price 41 €)

EmerginC “hydration booster” facial treatment

 This is a pampering treatment for dehydrated or dry skin.  The unique moisturising active substances act as a real bath for dry and dehydrated skins. The skin will feel fresh and luminous. The benefits are felt immediately – you can make sure yourself how the hydro-lipid layer is improved. The skin feels soft, moisturised and nourished. Duration 60 min.
Special price 55 € (normal price 69 €)

Special prices for beauty products

  • GUINOT My moisturisers -20%
    Masque Hydra Beaute; Hydra Beaute; Hydrazone; Hydra Cellulaire
  • Science & Mer peelinf with 4 Salts 260 ml
    Special price 31,20 € ( normal price 39 €)
  • emerginC cleanse products for the face -20%

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