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Special offers in August

Special offers from Spa- and beauty Salon

Guinot Aromatic face treatments 45 min
Special price 44€ ( normal price 55€)

A real moment of pleasure and relaxation that fills the skin with a new energies! Pure elixir’s of nature will firm and moisturize your skin! The hands of the beauty therapist nurture you with relaxing point pressure massage combined with oriental massage techniques. The treatment ends with a firming seaweed print mask. Duration 45 min.

Algoane relaxing back treatment 45 min
Special price 32,80 € (normal price 41 €)

Refreshing treatment for legs provides relief to tired, heavy, tingling or cramping feet. The treatment improves blood circulation and reduces the concentration of excess fluid in legs, providing a miraculously light feeling. Refreshing leg treatment is an effective yet enjoyable treatment which includes wrapping legs with active substances and a gentle leg massage. Duration 30 min

emerginC facial treatment Signature Radiance 60 min
Special price 50,40€ (normal price 63 €)

This intencive treatment may be used for a more uniform complexion. It reduces oily sheen and pores, improves skin tone and texture. It is ideal for combination, pigmente, oily skin. Takes away and prevents development of blackheads. Skin will recover health and radiance.

Special prices for beauty products

Guinot  Sun Care and Bioxygene Line  -20%
Algoane exfoliating soap with algae -20%
emerginC moisturizing cream „Earth“ -20%

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