* Treatments from 5 to 12

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Treatment type Price

Children orange oil massage 20 min 20€  

Children's Manicure (includes polish) 20 min 16€  

Saltchamber 30 min 5€  

Chocolate peeling hands (peeling and creaming) 20 min 20€  

Soft feet (peeling and creaming) 20 min 20€  

Guinot Facial for youngs 30 min 25€  

This facial is recomendad for young and fragile skin age 10-16 y.o. Cornflower extract in this facial will soothe and smoothe young skin.  This really indulging treatment starts with gentle cleansing and peeling, which is followed by soothening and moisturising mask. The treatment ends with applying of the suitable creams for face. During the treatment the beauty therapist will give you recomendations for the home skin care routin.

Facial treatment for children 20 min 20€  

is a moisturizing facial treatment that entails facial cleansing with a mild tonic. After the cleansing procedure, a mask is applied to your face and absorbed into the skin in the course of a massage. The mask will be accompanied by a relaxing hand massage.