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Дорогие клиенты, мы снова ждем Вас!


Grand Rose SPA Hotel открыт. Нашим ценным клиентам предлагаем возможность использовать приватную баню под открытым небом. Оздоравливающие украинские веники ждут Вас в бане!

Ресторан Rose открыт и в летнюю тёплую погоду вы можете насладиться весенним солнцем на нашей террасе.

Центр красоты и здоровья открыт. В Центре Красоты и Здоровья Вы можете насладиться освежающими уходами за лицом, здесь приведут в порядок ваши руки и ноги, а уставшие мышцы расслабят руки профессиональных массажистов.

Мы сделаем всё, чтобы наши гости чувствовали себя в безопасности. В связи с распоряжением Эстонского правительства закрыт сауна-центр. Сауна и спа-центр ждет посетителей с 1 июня!

До встреч!
Grand Rose SPA


Пресс-релиз 14.03.2020

Grand Rose SPA Hotel will be closed on the 15th of March in the hopes of opening again soon.

Dear friends of Grand Rose Spa
Because of the fast spread of the coronavirus and the national emergency that the Estonian Government has declared, we have to make some hard choices in order to care for the safety of our customers and staff.
We have decided to close Grand Rose SPA hotel, the spa and the restaurant beginning from Sunday 15th of March at 2 PM, initially for one week until the 22nd of March.
Further decisions will be made according to the developments in Estonia.
We would like to keep our clients and staff safe and that is the main reason, why we are closing.
The second reason for closure is economic. Because of the fast spread of the virus in Saaremaa, the occupancy in our hotel has decreased to 5-10% for the next week. In a situation like that, we would not be able to keep the complex running in the longer perspective. We would have to start decreasing the number of staff and for that, we are not prepared. The majority of the staff has been working here since the opening in 2006. Today we are forced to send our staff to a vacation, but we believe that we are able to overcome this situation.
We can assure you, that there has been no one diagnosed with the COVID-19 virus in the hotel.
NB! We will get in contact with all the clients who have made their reservation.

We hope to be back on track as soon as possible and come out of this stronger and better than ever.
See you soon!
Team of Grand Rose SPA